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It’s the user experience that matters the most – that’s what we think at Techverx. Our clients must enjoy working with us. Moreover they should love using the Custom Software we develop for them or their customers. We consider the amount of effort our clients put in to get to this stage of business, and so we too want to give it our best and help you in your mission.

Expertise in Multi-Technology Development:

Techverx is a multi-technology Custom software development house. We createBespoke Software, provide exceptional UI/UX, QA/Testing services –We specialize in organizing dedicated teams to complete client projects.

Our culture is all about continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things and increasing quality. We want to stay on the cutting edge of newest and most effective technology trends. At the core of our frameworks lie technologies like, Node, PHP, Ruby on Rails, React and React Native, Angular native mobile apps for IOS and Android, SQL, Postgres and Mongo to name a few.

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We exists because of our clients:

We are clear about who the boss is. That is, ‘YOU’. We are in business because our clients are in business. Keeping that in view, our each move is to ensure that our clients keep on benefiting from us. Our 150 plus satisfied clients come from a mix of highly interesting backgrounds. They are from the Transport,Healthcare, Finance and Banking, Business Intelligence, Media and Entertainment, Sport Solutions, E-learning (Education Sector), E-commerce, Real Estate, Automobiles, Crowd Funding, Data Science and Machine Learningindustries to name a few.

Free 40 hours proof of concept service:

We are so confident of our team that we offer a Free 40 hours proof of concept service. This is where you can test the waters before you take a deeper dive into signing up with us for your project. We’d use this opportunity to engage with you and define the context with issues, evaluate benefits and risks, discus roadmaps and other details.

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Apps, Bots, and AI:

We have a gift. It is that we make beautiful software applications for conventional platforms like desktops, mobile and the web. Additionally, our software engineers are binging on futuristic platforms such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

We have achieved significant success in developing software in the fields of IT Consulting, R&D Capabilities, Custom Software, Quality Assurance, DevOps as a service, Maintenance and Support, Legacy Modernization/Migration, Software Project Rescue, Game Development and Automation (using Docker) - we use Agile, Waterfall and/or Kanban approaches in our projects where necessary.

The Service and Value TRAP:

It’s no secret that the best way to retain clients is by delivering exception customer service and unmatched value for money – and that’s a trap all clients happily fall into. With this client magnet in hand, we have developed a robust team of experts at all levels - from our sales team to the our full-stack developers- you will discover that not only we add great value to your idea, but we work as real stakeholders of your business. You’ll be amazed by the fluidity of our remote working style. To future spoil you, our English Speak team has 16 hours’ workday.

One hundred percent client retention in 10 years:

Founded as a single employee company in 2010, Techverx is now 130 developers strong that has delivered on more than 380 projects to 150+ clients in North America only. Techverx has registered offices in Chapel Hill, NC and Lahore, Pakistan. Our commitment to superior results, diverse team and ability to deliver on promises on time, on budget and on target makes us your best on and off-shore technology outsourcing partner. And that’s why we’ve never lost a client. EVER!