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Techverx cloud computing services are a result of years of experience in delivering top-notch cloud solutions that your business demands. We fully understand the intricacies occurred while moving to the cloud and deploy appropriate solutions to boost business agility. Thanks toour skilled team, we're capable to provide a migration path for your business integrity, expert guidance and cloud infrastructure management.

As a result of rapid growth in technology, cloud computing has become popular over the years.We at Techverx collaborate multiple software through cloud computing technology. And help to revolutionize the way enterprises manage, scale and process data.

Cloud computing powers a shared IT infrastructure and authentic internet connection pool to enable users to access various apps, assisting them to meet challenges efficiently, and dropping computing costs. The on-demand availability of cloud technology and IT capabilities are driving businesses of all sizes. Moreover, it has plenty of opportunities to eliminate dependency over traditional methods to host and run applications. Our cloud computing services are leveraging the business with:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Flexibility
  • Disaster recovery
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Optimal personnel training
  • Control over security and document
  • Better collaboration
  • Ease of access at any time from anywhere
  • Rapid deployment
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Whether you’re looking for database storage, compute power, content delivery, or any other functionality, Techverx offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) at a glance. We help to build optimal business applications with increased scalability and reliability. AWS gives access to an extensive range of PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS services.

Our multitalented team provides wide-ranging admin controls via secure Web Clients. Users can efficiently access multiple features, ranging from encryption key creation to auditing. Our optimal Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you tailor budget-friendly infrastructure requirements. However, some on-hand AWS features are:

  • Simple sign-up procedure
  • Rapid deployment
  • Access to infinite capacity
  • Easy management of add or remove capacity
  • Centralized billing and management

Enterprise reliability and performance should be efficiently accessible is what we consider. Keeping this in view, we work in DigitalOcean with our experts’ team. We deal with dedicated developers that help to deploy applications working simultaneously on multiple computers.

Our expertise in optimal DigitalOcean is more than just virtual machines. This cloud computing platform provides security, add-on storage, and monitoring competencies to run applications efficiently. We don’t only put together a customized software package, we turn your scalable enterprise ideas into reality. Our full-service DigitalOcean take advantages of:

  • Deploying a custom image, standard distribution, and single-click app
  • Getting a trusted connection,efficiently deploy Dropletsand flat pricing across 8 data center regions
  • Options to choose performance or standard plans as per business requirements
Microsoft Azure

Techverx helps turn your business ideas into reality with Azure. We integrate cloud computing services with open-source, standards-based technologies and proprietary solutions. We follow Azure’s billing structure based on resource consumption. Pricing differs as per enterprise requirements, storage types, and physical location from which Azure is hosted.

With continuous innovation from Microsoft, we support your development today and your enterprise visions for tomorrow. We help to leverage cloud technology and accessibility with full-service Azure. Some of on-hand Azure’s features are:

  • Windows Azure provides the optimal solution as per enterprise requirements
  • It offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness
  • Consistency across cloud using tools and resources
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Techverx is hitting the market ground offering integrated and scalable Google Cloud Platform (GCP) along with basic capabilities when it comes to computing, storing and networking. We offer full-service GCP and G suite solutions to global enterprises and help them meet challenges with optimal solutions.

We provide global information solutions, practicing unique data, latest technology, creative analytics, and expertise to power businesses all around the world. We focus on transforming knowledge into insights that help a business to develop. Our professional technical leads work closely with client teams to fully understand their business needs. From the get-go, we take into account the following features:

  • Fix problems with accessible Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Enables you to scale business with cutting-edge technology
  • Exclude the need for installing expensive servers
  • Transform your business into a full suite of cloud-based services

Techverx is proud to deliver scalable OVH with an aim of simple, multi-local, and transparent cloud that enables users, operators, partners, developers, administrators to efficiently access the data. With OVH cloud computing services, we’ve developed a rapid change in our visual identity that consists of multiple steps and requires time.

At Techverx, we are a superior level of service for customers that need additional support. Our goal is to deliver outstanding products, performance, and support across all our services. With the features below, in a nutshell, our enterprise-level clients get access to:

  • 24/7 dedicated account support
  • Priority on stock
  • Roadmap and reporting of your business
  • Additional payment possibilities