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Databased Management Service

Managing onsite & offsite database around the clock

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Our Database Management team never sleeps. We’re up 24x7x365 to look after your database and making sure that they are accessible with a prompt response rate.

Database Management Service:

Our proactive database managers remotely look after onsite and offsite databased for small, medium and large size organizations. We have our preferences. It is clearly a matter of quality, security and efficiency for our clients, and thus is it to us. Therefore, we only use the most well reputed and reliable Database Management technologies. Being experts on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB, our team is able to promise and deliver on very high standards of Database Management.

Our Service Include:
  • Remote onsite and offsite database management
  • DB monitoring and maintenance
  • Complete performance analysis of your enterprise application
  • Performance tuning employing best practices
  • Identify chock points and blockages and rectifying them for seamless dataflow
  • Organizing application layersfor optimal utilization of resources
  • Crash analysis trouble shooting
  • Preemptive intervention to ensure smooth operations

We are confident that by using technologies and methods that have been tried and tested, we are able to provide highly stable support to your dataflow. Our team has a proven capacity of creating databases with minimum downtime. We use N-tier application architecture model to create agile, flexible and reusable applications. Moreover, our experts are geared up to quickly tackle any unwanted random crashes if at all.

Performance analysis, tuning and identifying chock points all require due diligence and a keen eye for detail. It is very serious business. Even the smallest of errors can cause havoc inside a database. And once there is trouble in the system, it can lead to lost customer and revenue. Or simply a process shutdown. In a crucial situation such as this, an experienced team such as ours is the only way forward. All our energies are spent in creating flawless systems, and we create a process that ensures a quick turnaround time in case the inevitable and undesirable happens.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB