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DevOps as a service Bringing Development and Operational teams together to

buildtop-class products, faster.

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We believe in the culture of DevOps – that’s why we give special importance to provide DevOps as a service. Our goals is to facilitate faster release and deployment cycles by taking advantage of topnotch agile software development methodologies. Our team exploits DevOps to develop, test, deploy, and maintain an application with super speed, greater quality, and exceptional control.

Our Microsoft Technology expertise extend beyond providing conventional Custom Software development service. We initiate a conversation with you about your idea and desired functionality that requires our innovative contribution. Following are the technologies and architectures that we employ to enhance your business growth and scalability:

Our Six Step Process
  • Plan
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring


Collaboration is the key

There’s a saying that ‘Collaboration is key to success’ in software development. And our DevOps Service does exactly that. By making the development and operations teams work together we reduce the number of development cycles thus making the process shorter. Which means more time and resources for you to market your product. We take all the stake holders together from the beginning of the process which increases the likelihood of a success much higher by reducing the changes of failure.

Less Rollbacks:

We facilitate a process what will find coding error sooner rather than later and rectify them in due time. This helps in finding almost no coding error at the deployment stage. Which means that there is less to and fro between the development and deployment teams and less rollbacks. We go directly to an efficient product.

Higher Team Engagement:

By creating fluid communication channels between teams, we achieve greater participation of all team members. Thus achieving higher engagement.

Better, Faster, Cheaper:

With our DevOps Process, not only that we are able build quality products speedily but, we’re able cut down on the cost by reducing overhead. Thanks to automation in testing, you can now hire fewer developers and deploy your app on-time.