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Quick, reliable and seamless integrations


Our integrations’ team is highly experienced in almost all integration technologies such as xxxx cbbc dmndd – we have worked on projects involving merging different systems, integrating Legacy Systems with new-age applications or need for multi-functionality. Our experts will help you determine the right step forward with your integration query.

You could be struggling with multiple data entries into multiple systems, or could be looking to optimize resources spent to maintain data in multiple systems or may want data to reflect on another system quickly or frequent basis. In any case, our integration’s staff will be able to help reduce lost time and high error rates by creating a seamless process. Our team will discover the most suitable APIs & Connectors to integrate mono-directional or bi-directional systems to ensure smooth data flows.

We have already successfully integrated software in the field of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Logistics, Education and Entertainment sectors. Our projects helped employees eliminate duplicate work due to entering data into multiple system, decrease downtime by making the processes unified, and secure information by making the exchange system foolproof.

In case you have a distributed system or application from different vendors - designed in various frameworks and/or languages, chances are that you require a highly trained team for integrations. We can well image the potential of growth if your customers could effectively interact with your system, or if we can have a mobile app connected to your existing system. For making all of this a workable reality, Techverx is probably the best place to start.

Making strangers talk to each other:

Our engineers have dealt with nearly all integration scenarios including internal integrations, B2B, B2C, Cloud2Mobile, Mobile2Desktop, and Desktop2Cloud systems in any framework or language. Our team has made completely alien machines speak to each other on our client’s terms reducing cost and complexity and increasing data flow between customer channels.

Our Technologies:

We believe in selecting the most suitable integration technologies for every project. Our most common ones are:

  • Event BUS (mule soft or IBM rabbit NQ)
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Could
  • API Management through APIGEE or KONG
  • Message Oriented Middleware (Event BUS)
How we do it:

We provide close and personal experience necessary to ensure the project-level integration initiative's success. Thanks to our genuine integration eye, we swiftly determine the current state of the process – this leads us to make comparisons against best-practice patterns and identify the right steps or integration strategy.