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Techverx has full capability and a track record to deliver on any conceivable MobileApplication project. We have hands-on experience of end-to-end development of Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid and Progressive mobile applications. Our focus like always is the end user and our client. For this reason, our coders and UX/UI development team is handpicked after a tight recruiting process. We offer services to all major mobile platforms including iOS and Android.


Native Application: Our team has impressive experience of React Native Apps development using React.js, Java, Swift, and Objective-C technologies– For Android we highly prefer working on Java, Kotlin, and C++ programming languages.

Cross-Platforms: When a computer application needs to work on more than one platforms, for example Android and iOS, our team uses popular solutions such as Reactive Native, Unity3d, Ionic and Xamarin frameworks for smooth Cross-Platform functionality.

Hybrid: If there’s a need to combine elements of web application and mobile experience, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is our way forward. We use Cross-Compatible web technologies to develop Hybrid apps making it faster to develop. These apps are built on a single base, which allows you to add new functionalities to multiple versions of your app.

Progressive Mobile Applications: We see great potential in Progressive Web Applications and thanks to our strong coding commitment we feel very safe to make the online experience one of the best when being used from a mobile. Businesses greatly benefit from this progressive approach as users feel inclined toward using such applications.

UI/UX details matters: An app is only as good as its user’s opinion.

It is imperative to code well. However, what is a good code without a good user experience? We believe that an app is only as good as its user’s opinion. Our teams works day in and day out to make that experience exceptional. Our front-end team’s graphic and communication’s designers, along with animators and the back-end team have devised an internal mechanism to create superb user experience.

From creating wireframes, prototypes, icons, buttons for both majorplatforms i.e. Android and iOS to Cross-Platform compatibility of images, graphics, and user experience, we’ve mastered it all.


Our team employs tools and resources from Apple for iOS development:

  • - iOS SDK integrated with the Cocoa Touch UI framework
  • - XCode, the official IDE for iOS development
  • - Swift Playgrounds, a learning platform for Swift development
  • - TestFlight, a beta testing app

We are able to accommodate Apple’s otherwise strict security policy by using well-known developer tools such as AppCode and CodeRunner.

We have the same approach in development of Android development.

  • - Android SDK (software development kit) bundled with Android Studio, the official IDE (integrated development environment) for Android,
  • - Command line tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • - Firebase, a comprehensive mobile development platform
  • - Android Jetpack, a collection of pre-made Android components
Testing is Key

We don’t assume that something that worked in the first stage of development will work in the real world too – therefore testing is a crucial part of our strategy. We test mobile application for honest feedback and user experience and make the necessary changes as to ensure the best outcome. We gather real-time feedback and analytics during the testing stage an incorporate those into our end product.

Monitor Native Apps:

Well-monitored native Mobile Apps can greatly help you achieve your business goals. They crash less often, get higher ratings in app stores, and ultimately, lead to happier customers and more downloads. Therefore we frequently measure an app’s performanceto filter errors.