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Global Presence (USA, Pakistan)

We have registered offices in Chapel Hill, NC and Lahore, Pakistan. We mostly operate from a state of the art facility from the city center, Lahore.

Techverx has built a cohesive and congenial working environment, and in ensures that employees' feedback and concerns are regularly obtained and addressed.

State of the facility and Work environment

Lahore is the Cultural Capital of Pakistan with rich history and great traditions. It is home to a large educated middle class population of and working professionals. Thus giving us a tremendous pool of quality resources to draw talent from. This is one key reason to operate from this city. We are able to draw the best coders and support staff at competitive rates producing great quality work. Our office in Lahore is located in the City Centre, easily approachable from all key areas.

Main Building

LWe occupyan independent office building that gives us full control over the facility administration. We acquired this building keeping our current requirements and future expansion in mind. With exponential growth in the last few years and projected trends, we expect to outgrow our office space in the next few years. And we are prepared for it.

Software Development Floor

This is the main operations area of our facility. Equipped with the most advanced hardware, we have designated a 100+ seat office floor for software development. Our interior designer ensured that each of our coder’s have spacious work stations. It helps to bring out their creative ability to produce quality products for you.

UI/UX Designer area

Our UI/UX team is provided with a highly thought provoking work environment where they can relax and be themselves. We facilitate all we can to bring out the best in eachteam member. Here our designers are able to think freely to create inspirational design for you.

In-house Gym

Research tells us that creative and healthy minds reside in healthy bodies. We want to pump some extra creative juice into our thoughts - And what could be a better way to this other than hitting the gym? We encourage all our staff to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, sleep well and exercise. A few minutes spent in our modest in-house gym springs a boost of fresh energy into our day and work.

Cafeteria (In house Kitchen)

Great bonds are created when we sit together to eat. The most abstract of ideas come from exchange of thoughts around the dinner table. That’s why we have an in-house kitchen and cafeteria for all our workforce.

Recreational Area

After a long day at work, or sometimes during a mentally demanding task, a light game of table tennis or pool helps our coders to get rid of any mental blocks and freshen up for bigger challenges.

Manager Offices & Conference Rooms

Our mangers have full office suites to give them a quiet moment by themselves. Moreover, our fully equipped conference room are a great place to hold team meetings, brainstorming and training sessions.

Other Facilities

We have designated zones for top management, sales and marketing team, HR and other support staff. Additionally, we have independent parking, prayer and storage areas. For better operational facilitation we have 24x7 backup power generation, comfortable air-conditioning and a proactive housekeeping team.