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Re-Engineering, Performance Tuning and Porting Services

Making it work better than before

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When migrating from your legacy system into a multi- technology arena, it may become a project that requires a complete overhauling of the existing system. This requires redesigning the solution to almost a new level. The processes become more complex in such situations – but Techverx is great at simplifying it. Our team creates new processes that will utilize your existing input and investment to the fullest and re-engineer architecture where needed. In the end, we fine-tune the performance and port data form the legacy system into a new and improved system that provides a better user experience.

Reengineering Service:

We achieve this by first understanding the pain points in your existing system and perform source application portfolio analysis. We build applications in target technologies using the latest application development tools– and our engineers ensure smooth transition to the new environment.

Performance Tuning:

Weather real or anticipated, if your product needs better scalability, Techverx is just the right place to start for performance tuning. We build applications that respond better to increased load and higher user involvement.

  • - Conduct a quantifiable assessment of the existing application
  • - Understand your business requirements to identify performance levels of your application
  • - Identify areas that needs tuning in your existing system
  • - Fix, tune and test
  • - Make comparison against the initial assessment and decide if future tuning is needed
Porting Services:

Our team has the expertise to implement a complete Porting lifecycle. Our engineers make the process look easy by making it flawless and seamless. We have successfully worked with small, medium and large size organization in North America to look after their porting needs. Weather it is due to change in technological environment or simply to improve scalability of your application, Techverx has brilliant resources to make your Porting smooth.