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Salesforce Solutions

Connecting you with your customers

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Salesforce is a cloud based solution for managing sales and customers – it is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software available in the market. It is a solution that brings customers and companies together. Salesforce is an integrated platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.It is known to help in increased workforce productivity and attain higher levels of customer satisfaction.

For large organizations with a legacy system and considerable data, moving to Salesforce can be a challenge. The benefits of moving outweigh the benefits of sticking to the existing CRM. Therefore, the sooner you move the better for your business.

We help in executing the complex task of implementing Salesforce in your organization. If you do it on your own without prior experience, it can cost more, take more time and can be inefficient to use as it may not fully follow your process flow. That’s why an experienced team such is needed to understands your unique needs, and align your systems & processesto integrate well with Salesforce.

We understand Salesforce, cloud computing and databases better. This puts us at an advantage in providing end-to-end supervision to the migration. We have worked with numerous clients for this and continue to do so.

Our Consulting Process


Our consultants first understand your existing setup. We need indebt knowledge of your business process flows – the deeper we go into our analyses, the better migration plan we able to design unique to your needs. Our experts work very closely with your team to assess your current practices and arrangements. This leads to a solid recommendation for a strategy of an action plan.

Getting Started & Setup:

We build systems around your existing practices to make the structure of Salesforce as close to what you are already familiar with. We believe that the process flow should follow your needs.A custom Salesforce solution that caters to your business needs is the absolute answer. Techverx processes the tools to help you create email templates, information dashboards, stepwise approval channels and automation where needed.

Integration& Migration:

When you have an existing ERP or another applications that Salesforce needs to be integrated with to draw data from or be accessible by, Techverx’ technical team has more than adequate expertise to render the best possible solution. We have experience of integrating on both ends of Salesforce making it central to your operational system. We have successfully integrated sizable financial and HR systems to Salesforce and will do the same for you.


Once the configurations are done, we need to migrate all necessary data to Salesforce. This on its own is a times taking task that requires skill. We always go that extra mile to ensure speed, accuracy and stability in the migration. This includes eliminating duplicates, ensure that the data is safe and well sorted for better retrieving results. Our superior data extraction, cleansing, standardization, and validation techniques have enabled our clients to achieve quick results and thus leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Training your Staff

All said and done, what good is all this if your staff does not know how to use the solution. That’s why we have invented a way forward of proving an initial training to your staff on using the software. This training will help in reaping the best benefits from this solution after it has been implemented.

Support, Maintenance & Security:

To ensure that you enjoy benefits of Salesforce to the fullest, we offer full support after the migration is complete. We maintain your system to enable it to remain clean and error free. We proactively monitor your Salesforce operations. We look after your business as if it was ours. We constantly find ways of making your Salesforce system better so that you get the best value out of it. This makes us a true partner. We assess your reporting needs and design reports and dashboards accordingly.

To ensure better overall security, Salesforce has a created a dynamic and complex securitysystem. All product integrationsare required to pass a security review conducted by Salesforce. Techverx leads you through the entire security review process to resolve any issues that may arise.

Our support and maintenance services include:
  • - User management
  • - New user training
  • - Security management
  • - Standard and custom object maintenance
  • - Data management
  • - Package maintenance
AppExchange& Business Intelligence:

Salesforce is a detailed solution and nearly covers all aspects related to CRM. However, your business may have some very unique needs that may require outside application to work with Salesforce. We help you identify any such needs. And where required can built customer AppExchange solution or simply by off the self-applications, whichever works better for you. Additionally, we implement bespoke integrations to third-party business intelligence tools for on-demand analytics.