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Startup Services

We want to befriend you

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If you’re a new business with big dream and need a technology partner, then this page is going to end your search. We love ambitious and daring entrepreneurs. We have worked with many in the past a look forward to your business too. After all, 10 years ago we started at a single employee company too.

Technological partnership built at an early stage of business lead to healthier long-term partnerships. With this approach, we’d like to take the opportunity to be your friend while you are starting.

More power to you

Startups need a lot done, fast, and on a budget. Startup leaders have many worries and problems to tackle, and don’t want to add to them. We want to be a part of solution – to get the job done. We already like your idea, just because you have the courage to push to make it a reality. It is take a lot. And we are eager to give it what it takes. At this juncture we offer our support to create the best websites for startups, or mobile application or cloud or desktop based solutions.

Affordable Service

As much as we like, unable to offer free services at the moment– unfortunately we live on a planet where that is not the norm yet - however we promise that we’ll try make it as affordable as possible. We want you to succeed so we can make more revenue from you later. Our Startup budgets start from very small all the way to highly expensive based on your project vision and available funds.


Services available for startups at the moment are

  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Couldbasedservices

Have a look at our Services page to review the full spectrum of our

Top-Of-The-Line Partner Solutions

As a premier partner of the leading names in the industry, Techverx is hands-on with the latest tools and technologies that enable you to share our expertise and insight. By understanding your unique requirements, we translate your vision into clean and reliable code to provide a system that both works and exceeds expectations.

Our partnerships ensure that once development is completed, we continue collaborating with you to support, resource, and implement ongoing system enhancements and further Custom Software development.