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Because we’re great at what we do. We love coding, and we hire only likeminded coders. In more than a decade we have not lost a client, ever! That speaks volumes about our work ethic, our technical knowhow and our ability to deliver on promises. Our clients have always been satisfied with our work and so will you be.

State of The Art Facility

Coders need a good environment to think openly and creatively. This environment is not just made of walls, computers and tables, but needs to have a certain ‘kick’ to it. Our facility is fully equipped to provide just that. We pay special attention to extracurricular activities in our office along with providing a professional and comfortable environment. We hold regular employee engaging activities that helps us retain our staff for your benefit.

Risk Free Discovery Workshop

We help kick start your project, mitigate the risk of project failure and save up to 40% on your development costs by conducting a discovery workshop. We offer a free 40 hour project assessment for our clients in some cases. We encourage you to talk to us and tell us about your idea. Our team will work with you for up to 40 days for a risk free, no obligation assessment of your project. By the end of the assessment, you would have a very clear idea about our capability. Feel free to make an informed decision to continue with us at that stage.

Robust HR Policies

Your most important initiative needs steady and committed resources. A high turnover of staff may cause undesired disruption in the workflow. That why our HR policies are highly efficient and facilitate high quality of continuous productivity. Therefore, our staff remain motivated and engaged. Our philosophy is simple, take care of the employee and they will take care of your clients.

Commitment to Deliver

You will always be at the top of our list. We are committed to your goals as if they were our own. We are committed to deliver on your vision and dreams.

Rigorous Recruitment Process

Identifying and attracting the best talent lies at the center of Techverx’ recruitment policy. This is achieved through a serious of HR branding activities, and seamless screening process, and a very conservative hiring criteria. We identify and select only the brilliant, and then retain them.

Work Ethic

We believe in the betterment of the society as a whole and in mutual benefit. Our core values make our work style highly ethical. We take our promises very seriously. And therefore we are careful about what we promise. This you will find out within a short period of time of interacting with us.

Experts in Remote Working

We have mastered the art of remote working in the last 10 years. A decade of trial and errors has made our distant team management processes concise, clear and highly effective. All our staff and managers are well versed using available tools for online communication – and implementing plans using electronic means. We use state of the art tools to stay connected, on the same page, track performance, discuss ideas, brain storm and create healthy personal & professional bonds.

Integrity, Professionalism, & Communication

Our process of selection ensures that we only shortlist experts with the highest level or integrity, professionalism and great command over the English language.